Strategies vs Processes!


Have a look at the videos on this link from Edubuzz – they are such a powerful illustration of why we need to teach children to develop secure, efficient mental strategies rather than teaching rules and processes simply to get a right answer without depth of understanding.

These videos inspired me to change my whole approach to teaching maths and numeracy, and I hope they inspire you too!

The SEAL stages referred to are taken from Maths Recovery, and the Highland Numeracy Progression is based on the same theory and research. Have a look at the assessments page and on Glow to see how these stages have been linked to the Curriculum for Excellence, as well as this  useful guide:

Counting and Part-whole Strategies HNP_NZ_MR Comparison

This website also has great illustrations of children at different stages of thinking, and ways to teach next steps.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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