Number Talks

Number Talks

This is a fantastic paper from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:


In this Sherry Parrish discusses the need for children to be active in their learning of maths and numeracy, and how this necessitates a transfer of ownership of learning to children.

Traditionally a teacher’s role involved imparting knowledge, telling and explaining, which can lead to a child passively learning and working out problems the ways they have been told, without actively making sense of their learning or developing  a strong number sense. In this way she promotes a shift in teaching role to facilitating thinking, questioning, listening, guiding and promoting discussion and exploration of strategies.

This links in so well with the research and thinking behind the Highland Numeracy Progression, New Zealand maths and Maths Recovery, where the emphasis is on teachers planning experiences for children which will enable them to discover strategies for themselves, build knowledge and develop skills such as questioning, reasoning, investigating and justifying.

Look back at the previous post, Strategies vs Process to see how this approach can impact on children’s thinking!

This clip shows  a presentation from Sherry Parrish:

Please comment with your thoughts and opinions!

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One Response to Number Talks

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a great video, thanks for posting! It ties in really well with lots of Highland Numeracy principles.


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