Rekenreks, or arithmetic racks, are fantastic tools for developing children’s conceptual understanding of number. They can be used to develop skills in subitising, part-whole thinking (see Glossary page for more information), knowledge of Basic Facts and lots more!

Here are some great videos to show how these could be used with children:

I also found this guide very useful:

The Maths Recovery books have great ideas for using the rekenreks too:

Teaching-Number            Look in Chapter 7 – Structuring Numbers 1 to 20

Developing-Number-Knowledge            Look in Chapter 4 – Structuring Numbers 1 to 20

This is a Powerpoint presentation I have developed based on all the ideas from these two chapters – please let me know if this is useful, or contact me if you would like more information!                                 Structuring numbers

These links have useful presentations, games and resources related to rekenreks:

Please comment and share any effective ways you have used rekenreks in your setting!

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