Think boards

Some fantastic examples of think boards from this brilliant blog:

I have used think boards in lots of areas of strategy and knowledge, but have never thought of using stickers or food before! This blog has loads of great ideas and resources for all areas of learning – definitely worth a look!

Think boards are a great way of  developing children’s understanding of concepts, allowing them to represent their thoughts and ideas visually in different ways. They can be used in so many ways – to represent fractions in words, symbols, materials and pictures as here:

Or to solve addition or subtraction problems and record visually:

Picture 097

They are such an effective way for children to discover connections and develop understanding of number sentences. This example shows how they can be used to extend knowledge of number structure and order:

They are also fantastic for showing different ways to work out problems:

Please comment and share any great ways you have found to use think boards in your class – it would be fantastic to see your examples too!

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4 Responses to Think boards

  1. Mr Cook says:

    I love this idea! Thank you for sharing!


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