Numeracy through bedtime stories!

Have a look at this fascinating new research from the University of Chicago, which found that “reading stories with a focus on maths and number to children at bedtime can significantly improve both children’s and parents’ maths understanding“.

National Numeracy Research – Bedtime Stories

This research is available from the National Numeracy webiste, and the full findings can be accessed here:

Math at home adds up to achievement in school

We have already explored on the blog ways that books can be used to stimulate and promote dialogue and learning experiences in numeracy – have a look back at this post:

Numeracy through literacy!

I love this interview with Lauren Childs, author of the Charlie and Lola books, who talks about the importance of visual materials in children’s learning. She emphasises the need for dialogue about numbers and maths as part of daily life, as well as allowing children the chance to actively discover and explore numbers – a key premise of the Highland Numeracy approach!

Lauren Child talks maths with National Numeracy

Use of stories like this new Charlie and Lola book is an ideal way for both teachers and parents to help children develop a love of maths and number! It would be fantastic to hear your comments on how you have used books and stories to promote learning in numeracy!



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