Exploring the relationship between fractions and wholes

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Thank you so much to Holm Primary for inviting me in to work with groups of children on fractions! This session we worked on counting halves and thinking about the relationship between halves and wholes. I was very impressed by how well the children spotted the links between doubles and halves, and multiplication facts!

We explored this further by working in a context of a zoo and animal keepers, and working out how many wholes we would need to feed animals by counting the fractions. This was a great opportunity to discuss relati0nships between wholes and fractions, as well as reinforcing fraction language such as numerators and denominators.

These activities were all taken from Fraction Bits and Parts from NZ Maths:

Fraction Bits and Parts

Find this, and all the other fraction teaching guides on the NZ Maths page. Please comment if you find these useful!

Thank you again to Holm Primary for all your hard work, enthusiasm and fantastic fractional thinking!



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2 Responses to Exploring the relationship between fractions and wholes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this Kirsten! I always think it’s very useful to see things ‘in action’.



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