Annie’s Amazing Mental Maths


A big welcome back to school for everyone, and another fantastic resource to share!

Annie Mellor has developed a wonderful series of games to help develop mental agility, build knowledge of number structure and basic facts and promote mathematical thinking.

These can be adapted and tailored to the learning needs of children from early levels right through to secondary levels, and as I have found,  offer challenge and lots of fun for any age group! Although, as Annie does warn, some of the games can be addictive!

Most of the games only require a pack of playing cards, and are such a fantastic way of making maths and numeracy fun for children, while developing their confidence and sense of achievement. These could be used to plan learning linked to the Highland Numeracy Progression to develop number sequences and structure, Basic Facts, practice activities, or for home learning activities that both parents and children will enjoy.

A pack containing instructions for forty-five of these games, as well as a DVD showing children playing the games costs £25.00, with lots of other resources also available. Please contact Annie for more details or information on:  or myself on:




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