Can physical interaction with objects help learning in maths?


Have a look at this fascinating article: Why Blind People are Better at Math, posted by Diana Kwon at Nautilus.

It explores the reasons why so many blind people excel in maths. Research suggests  that this may be due to their experience of physical interaction with objects when learning;

“another potential explanation is that because blind children spend a lot of time touching and manipulating objects, they learn to interpret numerical information with multiple senses, giving them an advantage.”

The idea that allowing children the opportunity to physically interact with concrete materials helps children to make sense of their learning at every stage is a core concept of the Highland Numeracy approach!

Have a look at the Numeracy Resources for Early to Second levels guide for ideas of concrete materials that can be used to develop thinking and promote strategies.

It would be wonderful to hear ways  that interaction with concrete materials has helped children in your setting learn – please email or comment here!

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