Nix the Tricks!

TNix the Tricks by Tina Cardone and Math Twitter Blogosphere

Thank you again to Fiona Phillips at Alness Academy for another fantastic link – follow this link to download this ebook:

Nix the Tricks

This book explores the common “tricks” and rules that children are often taught, giving them a process rather than conceptual understanding. As we see so often, this can lead to misconceptions and inhibits development of number sense and reasoning skills. This is a fascinating read, and a great resource for showing how to help children make sense of what they are doing, rather than giving a surface understanding or memorisation procedures.

Developing conceptual understanding is a core principle and aim of the Highland Numeracy approach – have a look at the Highland Numeracy Strategy to see how this links to our recommended practice.

I love this quote from the book, which encapsulates this so well:

“Students are capable of developing rich conceptual understanding; do not rob them of the opportunity to experience the discovery of new concepts. This is a hard step to take; students will have to think and they will say they do not want to. Students (and parents and tutors) will need to readjust their expectations, however, it is in the best interest of students everywhere to make the focus of mathematics critical thinking. Will you help math reclaim its position as a creative and thought-provoking subject?”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this resource – please post a comment or email!

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One Response to Nix the Tricks!

  1. Mr Cook says:

    What a great read! Thanks for sharing!

    Eradicating the ‘tricks of the trade’ to ensure concept understanding is crucial. Definitely going into my treasure-trove to support Numeracy and Maths planning.

    Particularly glad to see information on BODMAS and defining shape!


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