Maths is about ideas and creativity, not just right answers!

Have a look at this short, but very inspiring maths video from Jo Boaler:

It’s amazing to see how the children’s attitudes to maths have changed in just 18 lessons! I particularly like one of the children’s analogy at the beginning to maths lessons as being in prison – “serving a sentence even though you’ve done nothing”! Through working as a team, discussing and sharing ideas and looking at problems from different perspectives their attitudes are completely transformed.

Key to this approach are:

  • use of visual materials
  • exploring different methods and strategies to solve problems
  • allowing lots of thinking time, rather than focusing on speed
  • learning from mistakes

All key principles of the Highland Numeracy Progression!

My favourite quote – “I thought math was all about right answers and wrong – now I believe that math is really about ideas and creativity – it’s a lot more inspiring.”

Not only were the group’s attitudes transformed, but they also improved their attainment on standardised tests by an average of 50% after 18 lessons. Find out more on YouCubed at Stanford University.


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