Decimat resources!


Follow this link for these printable decimat resources:

Decimal mat resources

These are based on the Deci-mats available from NZ Maths, but I’ve just adapted them slightly to include pre-printed colour versions as shown. These can be used as a concrete material to promote understanding of decimals in so many ways.

  • Try showing the whole decimat and asking what would happen if we cut it into ten
  • Show the tenths decimat and ask  –  What would 0.5 look like? 0.9? 0.2?
  • Show the printed version for 0.3 – How would we descibe this as a decimal? A fraction?
  • Sort printed decimats and match to numeral cards
  • Sequence and order printed tenth decimats. Match to numeral cards
  • Use on Smartboard, laminate to use again, or print paper versions to allow colouring or cutting out
  • Use to promote mental strategies for adding/subtracting decimals
  • Extend to hundredths decimat and discuss how we describe hundredths as decimals
  • How many hundredths in a tenth? Can you prove it?
  • How many tenths in forty hundredths? Can you prove it?

I love these equipment animations from NZ Maths to show different ways they can be used:

Tenths and Hundredths

Written Recording of Decimals

Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

These will also be available on the Resources Page. I’d love to hear ways you find these useful for learning and teaching – as always please comment or email photos!

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