Maths Week Scotland 2017!

MAths week

Maths Week Scotland 2017 is here!

Have a look at the Big Messages Maths Week aims to promote:

  • Maths skills, understanding and confidence are important for everyone.
  • Everyone can ‘do’ maths; it’s a way of learning and thinking that we all use and can develop.
  • Maths ‘is everywhere’ and relevant to day-to-day life and work – decision making, problem solving, budgeting, planning, assessing probability and risk, and many more.
  • Being confident about and enjoying maths is about commitment and learning. It’s not ‘a gift’; it’s something we can all acquire if we want to.
  • Parents and carers should recognise the value of maths and the ‘growth mindset’. An example of “growth mindset” can be found on Page 13 of the Making Maths Count report – here.  Parental encouragement and support for maths will help children and young people be resilient, persevere and have a go.
  • Teachers, parents and carers should model a positive attitude to maths and explore the relevance of maths in real life contexts.
  • Maths is accessible and achievable for all. It’s vital to challenge negative attitudes and consistently promote the value of maths skills for everyone.
  • Maths is a gateway into many different career paths and opportunities.
  • We can avoid ‘maths anxiety’ – Maths learning and success is about reasoning and accuracy, not speed, and it shouldn’t be rushed or pressured.
  • It’s vital that we raise awareness about the importance, beauty and relevance of maths, particularly as our society is becoming increasingly underpinned by science, technology and engineering and Maths provides the essential framework for life-changing advances in all of these fields.


Please send me details of ways your school is promoting these messages to share with others across Highland and beyond!


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