STEM week at Newtonmore!


Thank you so much to Newtonmore Primary for inviting me to their STEM week! This was a fantastic way of promoting STEM subjects and involving the wider community. The atmosphere was buzzing, and it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm and excitement from all the children!

We had lots of fun playing Annie’s mental maths games – I just wished that I could have stayed for all the other visitors’ fantastic activities too!

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4 Responses to STEM week at Newtonmore!

  1. Colleen says:

    Is Annie happy to share the games?


  2. Siusaidh NicNeil - Plockton Primary says:

    Fun maths challenge for 1-7 (great for multi-composite): Tell Mum, dad or guardian that all you want for pocket money is 1p; but it needs to be doubled every week. See if the big ones can get to 26 weeks. Parents across the country will be having heart attacks.
    I did this a s a fun activity while working on Fibonacci and prime numbers – just as a fun activity with P7s.
    Siusaidh Nicneill
    Bun-sgoil Shleite.


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