Mindset and maths

Check out this FREE online course, presented by Dr Jo Boaler, from Stanford University, who set up the Youcubed site.

The course is aimed at pupils – best suited for P6 onwards but particularly secondary.  However, having done it myself, I found it to be incredibly useful for teachers too (there’s a more in-depth teacher version which you can pay for).

The P6 and P7 pupils from Scourie Primary School used it alongside their parents at home so that both parent and pupil could learn from and benefit from the key messages.  It sounds like the kids and parents really liked it and the kids wanted to finish it all in one go!

Click on the image below to go to the site and sign yourself up and get your pupils to sign up too.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 02.18.23.png

If you want even more content like this then check out the Youcubed site which has a wealth of great videos to promote a growth mindset for all areas of learning and life but specifically for maths.  The tasks are great too with lots of open ended ideas which support conceptual understanding.  If you haven’t already seen the site, head on over.

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