Our new YouTube Channel and its first video… a game with Numicon!

I’m really excited to have finally launched the Highland Numeracy and Maths YouTube Channel.  There is just one video on it at the moment but hopefully over time it will be populated with lots more including ideas for games (like the video below) and ideas for teaching concepts that are sometimes classed as ‘hard to teach’ or ‘hard to learn’.

Back to the game…

The video clip below introduces a game for addition and subtraction using Numicon.

You’ll need: Numicon shapes, Numicon 10s number line and a dice

Material adaptations:
If you don’t have Numicon you could also play this with Cuisenaire rods and a number line that increases in centimetres.

Complexity adaptations:
Depending on who is playing this could be adapted to be
– Easier – For example just play to/from 10.
– Harder – You could rename the 10s as 1s and play this as a decimal game.  The Numicon 10 shape becomes 1 instead of 10 and each part of it is worth 0.1 therefore the 7 shape is worth 0.7 etc.
– Even harder – You could also play this by subtracting below zero and work on negative numbers.

The video shows two pupils being taught how to play the game in both its addition form (Race to Thirty) and then we switch to the subtraction form (Race to Zero).  This could easily be taught to a larger group of pupils in a class and makes a great, purposeful independent activity.


If you have any video requests for example games that target a specific area or an area that you’ve been struggling to get an individual, group or class to understand, let me know and I’ll add it to the list to be made.

Any constructive feedback on the video (too long, too short, just right, too much commentary etc.) would be greatly received.

Happy holidays everybody!

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3 Responses to Our new YouTube Channel and its first video… a game with Numicon!

  1. kate says:

    Great resource and just the right length to see the game being played and the learning that is taking place. Thanks


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