Making sense of maths… through stories

I wrote this post back in November last year: Books galore and it’s all mathematical

and just wanted to follow up on it with a couple of more specific stories that people might like to try in their own settings.

I’ve included links to suggested activities and ways to take the learning/thinking deeper from the NRICH website.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 22.55.12.png

Maisy Goes Camping:
Great for developing ideas of more and less (similar to the Mouse Count example in the original blog post).  Kids could have great fun developing spatial awareness skills and concepts of size, shape, orientation etc. with den building activities too!

The Doorbell Rang:
Great for developing ideas and language around equal shares and how this changes with greater/fewer people.

If you don’t have physical copies of the books there are links to the stories on YouTube within the NRICH notes (however a physical book is always nicer than a video clip… in my opinion)!

If you use any of the ideas with your class or have been using other stories please feel free to write in the comments section or send me photos or videos of what you’ve been doing so I can share them on the blog.

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