Games to Support Basic Facts – Strike It Out

Quite often pupils are taught ‘basic facts’ by rote learning or flash cards and while some pupils like this, many do not and while some may be able to learn and understand the facts this way, again there are a large number of pupils who learn the facts but lack the understanding or don’t learn the facts because they don’t understand them.

We’ve been working hard to produce or adapt some games that we hope will help to support pupils in the following ways:

  • Improve conceptual understanding
  • Improve the understanding and use of add/sub and mult/div strategies
  • Improve fluency in recall of basic facts (with understanding)
  • Allow pupils to have fun and enjoy learning these facts
  • Some of the games also include an element of strategy!
  • Most can be played collaboratively or competitively

We’ll be posting a game a week for the next few weeks which you can try out with your class.  When introducing the game, we recommend:

  • You are clear with the pupils about the purpose of the game (i.e. what they are learning from it)
  • Support them initially with questioning about the strategies they are using and encourage them to question one another when playing independently.

Most of the games we’ve managed to adapt so that there is a variation of it that can be used from Early Level right up to Third Level and sometimes beyond.

Check out our first one here: Strike It Out – we based this on the game from the NRICH website.

Strike It Out – sample image from our teacher info. resource

Strike It Out sample.PNG


We’ve had lots of pupils using this game and loving it!  Let us know if you use it and how your pupils get on with it.

If you have any creative adaptations for it, feel free to send them our way!

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