Math’s Week Scotland – Thursday’s Challenge

Great to see some photos on Twitter from classes solving some of the problems from earlier in the week!  We hope you’re having fun so far… here’s today’s challenge.

The Four Coins Problem

You’re creating a new coin system for your country.
You must only use four coin values and you must be able to create the values 1 through 10 using 1 coin at a minimum and 2 coins maximum.

What four coins do you choose?

Can you think of a second set of four coins that achieves the same goal?

I’m not sure of the original source of this problem so can’t credit the creator however if you’re looking for more of the same to challenge yourself or your pupils then I got this one from Mr Barton’s Maths and Logic Puzzles page.  It also appears in Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindset book and can be found on the Numberplay Blog from the New York Times.

Send us or tweet us @HNumeracy photos of your solutions and how you worked it out.

Did you use a trial and error approach?
Did you use a more systematic approach?
Did you think about any connections or relationships you know already about the numbers 1 to 10?



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