Next Steps… Videos

As part of the new online training we’re piloting for the diagnostic assessments, we’ve included some ‘Next Steps…’ videos.  These possibly make more sense viewed alongside the pupil completing the assessment so you can put it into context better but my hope is that they are useful as stand alone videos as well.

Take a look at the video below which covers a range of ‘next steps’ for an older pupil who is experiencing some difficulties with grouping and place value, basic facts and addition and subtraction.  These difficulties are some of the most common difficulties I see in schools so will probably seem familiar to many of you and as such the video will hopefully give some insight as to how they might be addressed.  Depending on the particular idea being discussed, there are ideas here that would be relevant as low as P1 and P2 but also older pupils into secondary school who are experiencing difficulties.

It would be great to get any feedback about:

  • Whether the video was useful and you’d like to see more of this type of thing and specifically what was useful about it.
  • Whether there was anything you didn’t like.
  • What you thought about the length?  Too long, too short, just right… 
    If it was too long, what would you want to cut out?
    If it was too short, what else would you want included?
  • Whether it works as a stand alone video without the accompanying video of the pupil being assessed.
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