Early Years CPD Opportunity

This was emailed out to schools already but just in case anybody has missed it there is an Early Year CPD Opportunity coming up next week.  If anyone is still keen to sign up but wasn’t aware of it, please see the details below and sign up on the CPD calendar.  The date on the CPD calendar will have passed but you can email seonaid.cooke@highland.gov.uk to confirm your attendance if you are signing up past the cut off date.

Day 1 Dates/Location:

  • Option 1: 25.02.20     Dingwall  Academy               0930 – 1500
  • Option 2: 28.02.20     Inverness Royal Academy   0930 – 1500

Day 2 Dates/Location:

  • Option 1: 04.06.20     Dingwall  Academy               0930 – 1500
  • Option 2: 02.06.20     Inverness Royal Academy   0930 – 1500

Here is a description of the course:

Maths and Numeracy at Early Level – a course for managers/leaders with responsibility for Early Level in their setting/classroom.

This is a two day course – staff must sign up for both sessions.

The course will provide attendees with 5 sets of slides, which can to be used for staff training.  This course links closely with the principles of Emerging Literacy and ‘Words Up’. The slides will cover the following areas: Language of Maths, Curiosity, Confidence and Creativity, Real World Use of Maths, Spatial Awareness and Understanding Number.


·         To provide managers/leaders with 5 sets of slides that can be used to deliver maths training to staff in their setting/school.

·         Managers/leaders will be encouraged to engage staff in discussions to help them reflect and evaluate their own practice, and consider next steps for improvement. Through discussions, staff will consider how they engage learners in maths, both indoors and outdoors. Staff will be encouraged to reflect and consider the specific needs of their own setting/classroom and families.

·         Managers/leaders will explore how children develop their understanding of maths through rich connected experiences.

DAY 1:

·         Language of Maths

·         Real World Use of Maths

·         Curiosity, Confidence & Creativity

 DAY 2:

·         Feedback on the previous sets of slides which have been used in settings/schools – share ideas etc. Staff will be encouraged to bring photographs to share with others.

·         Spatial Awareness

·         Understanding Number


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