CPD – Concrete Materials at Secondary School: Algebra Tiles

In addition to the sessions we’ve already published, Fiona Philips from Alness Academy will be presenting a session on Tuesday (tomorrow) and Wednesday on using Algebra Tiles with secondary pupils to support understanding.  Many Highland secondary teachers are already aware of this session but I’ve put it up here for any primary teachers who may also wish to attend.

As described below, although the content is mostly Third Level and above, it builds nicely on the work that we are promoting in Primary School and helps to emphasise that concrete materials are not just for younger pupils but for all pupils.

The session and link to the Google Meet can be found on the Highland Digital Schools Hub training calendar.

Session: Concrete materials in Secondary School: Algebra Tiles

Option 1: 05.05.20     19:30
Option 2: 06.05.20     14:00

Target Audience: Secondary Teachers, Primary Teachers (exploring how concrete materials can be used with older pupils)

Session Aims:
Explore how algebra tiles can be used to help pupils make sense of:

  • Adding and subtracting integers
  • Multiplying out brackets
  • Factorising quadratic equations
  • Solving equations

Although the content is mostly around Third Level and beyond, this may suit primary school teachers to see how concrete materials are also used in primary school.  Many of the ideas build on work that it is useful to do in primary school using Dienes Equipment which can build the foundation for the work explored here.

If you are attending the multiplication and division series run by Highland Numeracy, this would be an extension of where some of that work goes.

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