Socially Distanced Diagnostic Assessments

I hope everyone has had a restful summer and is looking forward to getting back to school and the kids.

Whenever we are looking to teach, it is useful to get a gauge of what our pupils can already do and where they have gaps, misconceptions or content they may not have been taught yet (or forgotten).  To help with this I’ve amended the format for the diagnostic assessments so these can be delivered at a ‘social distance’ without the need for the problem cards and other materials.  With such a gap between when pupils were last ‘formally’ in school, it may be more useful than ever to get an accurate gauge of where they are to help them move forward.

All the content is on the new Shared Drive which you can request access to here.  Additional content will be added over time.  Please use your Highland Google login details when requesting access (e.g.

If you haven’t already accessed the diagnostic assessment online training, we strongly suggest you do this before using the assessments so you have a better understanding about the rationale behind them, how to implement them and how to interpret the information.  A guide to this training can be found here.

Direct links to the diagnostic assessments that have been put into a socially distanced format can be found here:

The multiplication and division assessment and the fractions assessment have not been included as we are in the process of updating them.


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