Evaluation of Live and Recorded CPD – Please help!

Education Scotland are evaluating the benefits and impact of the delivery of the STEM Grants Programme.

Highland were fortunate to receive funding as part of this and one element of how this was used was to put together the live and recorded CPD sessions that we have made available both within Highland and beyond.  

More recently, we’ve also been putting together some short videos (5 – 10 minutes) on our YouTube channel that are aimed at pupils but can also be used for staff CPD.  This is part of a wider project and explaining the rationale is beyond the scope of this post but if you have accessed the videos or quizzes we’ve put together this was also partially funded by the STEM Grant.

I know everyone will be struggling for time at the moment but if you have accessed any of these sessions (either live or recorded), the YouTube videos or the associated quizzes and are able to spare 15 minutes we would be grateful if you could complete the survey below so that the impact can be evaluated.  This is for anyone in Scotland, regardless of local authority, who has accessed our training.


Note: Question 6 asks Which grant-funded organisation(s) provided you with STEM professional learning? This will likely be the organisation(s) that sent you this survey link.’ 
If you are completing the survey and are evaluating the impact based on access to the recordings we’ve put out then can you put Highland Council as the answer to that question.

As a reminder below is a list of CPD that we’ve put out that was funded partially or completely by the STEM Grant.  All of these sessions can be accessed here on the blog and the shorter videos can be accessed on our YouTube channel.

  • Counting Collections
  • Number Patterns and Relationships – Choral Counting
  • Story Problems: Addition and Subtraction (Early/First)
  • Story Problems: Multiplication and Division (Early/First)
  • Story Problems: Mult/Div, Add/Sub (Second)
  • EARLY: Language of Maths
  • EARLY: Real World Use of Maths
  • EARLY: Curiosity, Creativity & Confidence
  • EARLY: Spatial Awareness
  • EARLY: Understanding Number (Part 1)
  • Making sense of fractions: Equal Sharing Problems (Primary/Secondary)
  • Language of Maths (Primary/Secondary)
  • An introduction to measure (Primary)
  • Multiples, Factors and Primes (Primary/Secondary)
  • Multiplication and Division (Early)
  • Multiplication and Division (First)
  • Multiplication and Division (Second/Secondary)
  • Properties of Multiplication (Primary/Secondary)
  • Diagnostic Assessment (Online Module: Part 1)
  • Diagnostic Assessment (Online Module: Part 2)
  • Range of short videos on a variety of areas on our YouTube Channel
  • Associated quizzes (only available to some schools in Highland at the moment) 

As with most things in life, there are many things that I, and I’m sure my colleagues would want to improve or adapt based on ongoing reading, research and work with pupils and teachers but what we have so far hopefully gives people a useful starting point, food for thought and opportunity for discussion and reflection with colleagues.

We hope you’re having a great week and for those that are back face to face with their pupils again, it sounds like both kids and teachers are delighted to be reunited!

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