Diagnostic Assessments

Strategy Assessments:

Addition and Subtraction

Assessment – addition and subtraction

Problem cards – addition and subtraction assessment

Guidance – Assessment for addition and subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Assessment – multiplication and division

Problem cards – multiplication and division assessment

Guidance – Assessment for multiplication and division


Assessment – fractional numbers

Assessment – fractions, proportions and ratios

Problem cards – fractions

Knowledge Assessments:

Knowledge assessment – Backward Number Word Sequence

Knowledge assessment – Forward Number Word Sequence

Knowledge assessment – Grouping and Place Value     Grouping and place value – Dice patterns  Grouping and place value – Pattern and problem cards

Knowledge assessment – Numeral Identification    Numeral ID number cards

Knowledge assessment – Basic Facts      Basic Facts – problem cards

Guidance – Assessment for knowledge

These  diagnostic assessments have been developed based on the Diagnostic Interview from New Zealand maths and Maths Recovery assessments, and adapted to link to the stages of the Highland Numeracy Progression and Curriculum for Excellence levels.

This is a useful link to the NZ maths website, where you can download the Diagnostic Interview in full.

NZ Numeracy Project – Diagnostic Interview

Please contact me if you would like guidance on delivering this assessment, or have any questions. These assessments can also be found on the Glow Maths and Numeracy Site, under Highland Numeracy Progression, then Assessments.


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