Early Years

Click on the image to be taken directly to the recording of the live session.
All sessions can be accessed by visiting the Highland Digital Hub where you will find both the recording and a copy of the accompanying slides.

For sessions that are specifically labelled ‘Early’, the entire content of the session will be relevant.  For sessions labelled either Early/First or Primary etc. only some of the content will be directly relevant to Early Level.  However, we feel it is useful to watch the entire session as what is explored at an earlier stage underpins learning that happens at a later stage.  Understanding the progression of learning can help practitioners make sense of how learning at Early Level secures the foundations for future learning.

Early Years Training Series:

This will include a series of 6 sessions on 5 key areas.  When the remaining sessions are recorded they will be linked to here.

Language of Maths Early     Real World Use of Maths

curiosity-creativity-and-confidence     Spatial Awareness


Multiplication and Division:

Mult Div Early

Story Problems:

Story Problems Mult Div Early First     Story Problems Add Sub Early Firts

Counting Collections and Number Patterns: 

Counting Collections     Number Patterns


Fractions Equal Sharing Problems


Measure Primary

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