Early Years Numeracy

Learning through Play

Four presentations are available to help your settings learn maths through play.  Each presentation is designed to self-reflect and to inspire you.  4 areas are covered:

  • Language of maths
  • Curiosity, creativity and confidence
  • Spatial awareness
  • Real world use of maths

Counting Collections

Counting collections are a fun way to practically engage children with the skills involved in learning to count.  Here is a link to a video to get you started.  This is also a really easy to read book if you want more information.  (Choral Counting and Counting Collections by M. Franke et al, Stenhouse publishers, 2018).


In need of Playdough?

Follow this link for a playdough-recipe – great for learning in so many numeracy experiences!


Thank you to Crystel Thompson for these fantastic new resources, giving practical ideas for numeracy learning in the context of these themes or interests!

Early Years Numeracy Book 1 – Castles

Early Years Numeracy Book 2 – Goldilocks

Early Years Numeracy Book 3- Frogs

Early Years Numeracy Book 4 – Cars

Early Years Numeracy Book 5 – Pirates


Highland Numeracy Early Years Support Package

This is a fantastic resource, which gives ideas for planning rich learning experiences linked to the Early Level section of the Highland Numeracy Progression.

Also available in Gaelic here:

Highland Numeracy – Early Years Support Package – Gaelic Slides

Look out for the Early Years training events on the CPD calendar next session for practical, hands-on activities with these materials, and lots of ideas for extending numeracy in your early years setting.

Teaching-Number     Developing-Number-Knowledge

These books from Maths Recovery have fantastic ideas for building knowledge of number structure and developing mental strategies from the early stages.

I also like this link from East Lothian which gives lots of materials and videos to support this approach:


This Number Early Learning Progression from NZ maths is also useful in showing how children’s learning develops in stages from the earliest years:


Some more links you may find useful:





Look on Glow too, under HNP – Resources – Early Years, for lots of games and resources, including ideas for developing numeracy through themes or topics, such as Castles or Frogs.

Please comment on any links, ideas or resources you have found particularly useful!

3 Responses to Early Years Numeracy

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  3. Peter Fogarty says:

    I really love your teaching ideas. I have just included this page in my own website https://www.firstmaths.com when I talked about brilliant maths assessment techniques in early years. I really love the Castle ideas and making different length hair!


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