Highland Numeracy Progression

The Highland Numeracy Progression is currently undergoing a major update, this includes the addition of a large section on fractions, decimals and percentages.  It will also integrate the other curriculum organisers within the progression.  The 2017 document can continue to be used until the updated version is released.  We hope that this will be at some point in the 2020/21 academic year and will possibly happen in phases.

HNP UpdateThe Highland Numeracy Progression is the core resource of the Highland Numeracy Strategy, and provides a valuable overview and guide to progression through Early to Second levels.

Since the HNP was originally written there have been updates to national guidance, such as the Benchmarks, which we have been keen to ensure are closely linked with the progression. In addition, we wanted to make clearer and more accessible links with the principles and practice behind the progression, as well as the available resources to support assessment and tracking.

We have therefore updated the HNP in line with national guidance and feedback. Follow this link for the new update of the Highland Numeracy Progression:

Highland Numeracy Progression Update Sep 2017