National Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework

National Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework


The resource includes the following:

  • Progression pathways for all numeracy and mathematics organisers
  • Each pathway is made of milestones
  • Milestones include building blocks within them. Some of the building blocks have the same name as milestones and some have further building blocks
  • The numeracy pathways include information about prior learning
  • The number and number processes pathway includes examples of exemplification, mainly in the form of videos


About the framework

The National Numeracy  and Mathematics Progression Framework aims to support planning by identifying key milestones for learners to achieve before moving on to the next stage of learning. It is arranged in a series of organisers:


  • estimation and rounding
  • data and analysis
  • fractions
  • decimal fractions and percentages
  • ideas of chance and uncertainty
  • measurement
  • time
  • number and number processes



  • expressions and equations
  • angles, symmetry and transformation
  • multiples, factors and primes
  • patterns and relationships
  • powers and roots
  • properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects
  • mathematics – its impact on the world past, present and future

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