New Zealand Numeracy Project

The New Zealand Numeracy Project website has lots of useful information, resources and teaching ideas:

The Online PD section in Professional Development is great for providing insight and information in teaching numeracy using this approach:

These are the teaching books, which are fantastic in giving a guide to teaching for all strategy and knowledge areas:

Book 1 – TheNumberFramework

Book 2 – TheDiagnosticInterview

Book 3 – GettingStarted

Book 4 – TeachingNumberKnowledge

Book 5 – Addition Subtraction Place Value

Book 6 – Multiplication Division

Book 7 – Fractions Decimals Percentages

Book 8 NumberSenseandAlgebraicThinking

Book 9 – MeasureGeoAlgStat

This document gives a useful overview of how the stages in NZ maths and Maths Recovery compare, and how they both fit in to the Highland Numeracy Progression:

Stages of the Highland Numeracy Progression

I also love these ideas for teaching fractions from NZ maths:

Fraction Bits and Parts

Fraction2 Symbols and Sets

Fractions3 Ordering Proper and Improper fractions

Fractions4 Adding Subtracting and Equivalent fractions

Fractions5 Multiplying Fractions

Fractions6 Dividing Fractions

Fractions7 Percentages


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