Follow this link for an article by Echazarra, A et al (2016) on how teaching and learning strategies relate to learner success with PISA test questions:


A fantastic research paper by Jo Boaler, showing the importance of developing recall of number facts through conceptual understanding and number sense, rather than focusing solely on rote learning of facts:


An interesting research paper that shows the benefits of providing experiences for children in maths that allow them to be active and creative in making sense of their learning, rather than simply teaching rules:

Fosnot & Dolk 2002p148-153

This research evaluates how Maths Recovery approaches helped raise standards in early numeracy in Cumbria:

Achieving new heights in Cumbria- raising standards in early numeracy through maths recovery

This paper looks at common misconceptions with fractions, decimals and percentages:

Nunes et al Fractions_Difficult but crucial in mathematics learning

Interesting research on the use of fingers in developing numeracy:

Perceiving fingers in single-digit arithmetic problems

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