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Mathematical Properties – What underpins children’s informal strategies?

This post, which follows on from the last two, forms a series of posts that aims to highlight some of the guidance documents that we’ve included in the new HNP Summary Documents for each year.  If you haven’t read the … Continue reading

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Progression in Number Ranges at First Level

The post yesterday was related to making sense of part-whole addition and subtraction strategies that pupils use and showed some examples of these with concrete materials and visual representations as well as exploring the mathematical properties that underpin them. The … Continue reading

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Making sense of part-whole strategies for addition and subtraction

Yesterday we shared the (draft) materials for the HNP Summary Documents for the rest of First Level. Over the next few days, we’ll highlight a few of the guidance materials and example activities that are contained within the Summary Documents … Continue reading

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Games to Support Basic Facts – Strike It Out

Quite often pupils are taught ‘basic facts’ by rote learning or flash cards and while some pupils like this, many do not and while some may be able to learn and understand the facts this way, again there are a … Continue reading

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Our new YouTube Channel and its first video… a game with Numicon!

I’m really excited to have finally launched the Highland Numeracy and Maths YouTube Channel.  There is just one video on it at the moment but hopefully over time it will be populated with lots more including ideas for games (like … Continue reading

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