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A slice of pizza is not a triangle! Exploring mathematical precision from the start.

We’ve been running our training session on Language of Maths in a few schools recently which includes the use of Frayer Models which have been discussed in previous blog posts. When discussing language such as triangles and squares it is … Continue reading

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Number Talks – Resource Update

A number of schools this year have had training from me on the use of Number Talks – if you’re not yet using these then the are a great compliment to your teaching for a wide range of reasons.  There … Continue reading

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Making sense of maths… through stories

I wrote this post back in November last year: Books galore and it’s all mathematical and just wanted to follow up on it with a couple of more specific stories that people might like to try in their own settings. … Continue reading

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CPD Dates: Numicon and HNP

I’ve just put two CPD courses onto the CPD calendar and included brief details below as well.  If you’re interested in attending please sign up via the CPD calendar (there is an additional external link you need to use for the … Continue reading

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Books galore… and it’s all mathematical!

Sharing of books in school and at home is often thought of as an activity related to literacy but there are a wealth of books available that have mathematical ideas that can be explored in fun ways so you can … Continue reading

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Productive Struggle in Maths

Have a look at this interesting article about learning from failure in maths: How “Productive Failure” in Maths Class Helps Make Lessons Stick I found these points particularly useful to bear in mind when planning learning experiences in maths and … Continue reading

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The concept of counting

Thanks to Seonaid Cooke for sharing the link to these videos showing some of the fundamental ideas behind learning to count: Teaching is Problem Solving – Concept Videos The videos each explore different counting principles and provide a useful guide … Continue reading

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Fractions at Daviot Primary

Have a look at Daviot Primary’s blog to see fantastic work with fractions! Fraction Eels – Daviot Primary I love these photos, which show how effective concrete materials can be in developing conceptual understanding of fractions, promoting exploration and dialogue … Continue reading

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Place Value Boot Camp at Glenurquhart Primary!

Thanks to Kerrie Laird at Glenurquhart Primary for sharing this fantastic idea from their recent Health and Wellbeing Week. It’s great to see ways that schools are effectively linking maths with other areas of the curriculum, and promoting positive views … Continue reading

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Fibonacci fun at Scourie!

Thank you so much to Sian Curley at Scourie Primary for sharing these photos from their Fibonacci Day yesterday! They had lots of fun introducing the sequence, then exploring what happened when they squared the numbers in the sequence and … Continue reading

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