CPD Overview

This page outlines the online CPD that we have available.

This is freely available to all practitioners however we ask that you acknowledge the amount of time, effort, background reading and research along with practical experience of using these ideas in classes; that goes into putting this training together and ask that you don’t take the training and rebrand it as your own.
We have tried to acknowledge the sources of our information where possible/applicable.

We are only human, so if you spot any mistakes please let us know so we can fix them.

We also love a good discussion so if you disagree with any of the content, we’d love to discuss this further and hear your point of view.

Live and Recorded CPD Sessions:

  • These sessions are short introductory sessions – usually 1 hour in duration.
  • The majority of the sessions link with other sessions to provide a bigger picture.
  • We strongly recommend that you access the training above and below the current level you are teaching.  This includes:
    • primary teachers accessing secondary content, and
    • secondary teachers accessing primary content.
  • Accessing content at a range of levels beyond the level you are teaching will:
    • Give you a better sense of the progression of learning.
    • Help you differentiate content as you are likely to have a range of levels within your class.
    • Help you understand the rationale behind why certain things are explored/taught in a particular way.
    • Help you understand why/how depth of learning (rather than superficial learning) impacts on future learning.

To make it easier to find content, we’ve provided a drop-down list on the CPD button in the ‘Header Section’ of the blog with sessions organised by category.  Links to each category are also provided below.  Some sessions will appear in more than one ‘category’ if there is a big cross-over in terms of content.  The categories are organised alphabetically.

As additional content becomes available the categories will increase as will the number of sessions available within each category.

Dates for Live Sessions are published on the blog and can also be found on the Highland Digital Hub or the Highland CPD site.

If you missed the live session then you can find recordings and accompanying slides of all our sessions on the Highland Digital Hub.  Links directly to each individual session are provided in the categories above.

Self-paced Modular Online Learning:

  • Some of our CPD is modular self-paced online learning hosted through Open Learn Create (part of the Open University).
  • These sessions provide greater depth than the recorded sessions above and engage practitioners in:
    • Reflective activities to help embed the ideas into their practice.
    • Suggested follow-up tasks to complete with pupils they work with, again to help embed the ideas into their practice.

The number of modules available will be added to here as and when they become available.