Deputy First Minister’s Summer Holiday Challenge!


Scottish Government colleagues have advised that the Challenges will be delivered to primary schools this week.  It will also be delivered to holiday clubs and libraries and will be available at some of the Glasgow2018 venues.  Gaelic versions will also be issued.

As with the previous Challenges, the content has been very generously created by the primary school specialists within the Scottish Mathematics Council (SMC) for the Deputy First Minister.

Pleae follow these links for more information:

DFM Summer Holiday Challenge 2018



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Numeracy Development Officer Posts

Exciting job opportunities for next session!

Follow these links for more information:



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Productive Struggle in Maths

Have a look at this interesting article about learning from failure in maths:

How “Productive Failure” in Maths Class Helps Make Lessons Stick


I found these points particularly useful to bear in mind when planning learning experiences in maths and numeracy:

  • Children need to draw on existing knowledge or intuitive understandings from their own lives to explore problems – not just from formal learning in school
  • Failure is part of learning – and therefore is not seen as something shameful
  • Tasks must be set carefully to be challenging enough to create productive struggle, but not so challenging that children will give up
  • Tasks should have multiple ways to solve problems, not just one “closed” path
  • Children will be motivated if they can relate to the problem – try to use contexts that are meaningful to them
  • Creativity is developed through struggle – teaching procedures too early can lead to rigid thinking and reliance on only one method

I also love this short clip from Robert Kaplinsky on Productive Struggle:

It would be great to hear your thoughts – please share by comment, email or on Twitter @HNumeracy.

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Teaching Mindset Mathematics Through Open, Creative Mathematics and Brain Science Messages


Winning Scotland Foundation are delighted to announce that in partnership with Stanford University and world renowned educators, Professor Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams (founders of, they will co-host a full day conference on Tuesday 18th September 2018 at Murrayfield Stadium.

The event is entitled:

“Teaching Mindset Mathematics Through Open, Creative Mathematics and Brain Science Messages”

The conference will identify and discuss innovative ways to teach numeracy through a mindset approach and consider possibilities for open and creative teaching of numeracy, to be used across the curriculum.

This event is likely to fill up fast.  You can book places online using the link below.


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The concept of counting

Thanks to Seonaid Cooke for sharing the link to these videos showing some of the fundamental ideas behind learning to count:

Teaching is Problem Solving – Concept Videos

Counting concepts

The videos each explore different counting principles and provide a useful guide for supporting children at Early level.

Please share your feedback by comment, email or on Twitter @HNumeracy.

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Deputy First Minister’s Summer Holiday Maths Challenge!

Exciting news that the Deputy First Minister will  be running a Summer Holiday Maths Challenge! This will run during the Summer holidays and be themed around the upcoming European Championships, using facts, figures and images associated with the event.


It will aim to incoporate physical activity, as well as maths and numeracy, with interactive challenges planned that can be applied whilst watching the Championships.

Materials will be provided to all Primary 6 pupils through their schools, as well as being available online.

Follow this link for more information on the European Championships:

European Championships Glasgow 2018


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Parental engagement at Glenurquhart!

Glenurquhart Primary hosted a fantastic parent event last week to share developments in maths and numeracy. I love the resource packs they have developed to involve parents with maths learning at home!


Children demonstrated how to use these resources at the event, and I think the photos of the night show this was a great success!

Follow this link to Glenurquhart Primary’s blog for more details:

Glenurquhart Primary News

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