Milestones to support learners with complex additional needs


Education Scotland have now produced a set of milestones for numeracy to support learners who have complex additional support needs:


These can be used to track progress  and celebrate achievements of learners with complex additional support needs at pre-early levels:


Please let me know your feedback by comment, email or on Twitter @HNumeracy.

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Mathematical Mindsets

Have a look on YouCubed to see Jo Boaler’s new interactive mindset guide! Follow this link for ideas on how to teach for a mathematical mindset culture:

Mathematical Mindsets

I love the video teaching illustrations!

Mathematical Mindsets

Please let me know your thoughts by comment, email or on Twitter @HNumeracy.

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National Numeracy Day


On 16th May 2018, the UK’s first National Numeracy Day will take place! Follow this link for more information:

National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy Day will be a celebration of the importance of numbers in our everyday lives, and a great opportunity for schools, parents, employers and communities to work together to promote numeracy as an essential life skill!

Follow this link for ideas and activities:

Get Involved – National Numeracy Day


Please share any of your ideas and activities by comment, email or on Twitter @hnumeracy using  #numberspeople and spread the message that we are all numbers people!

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Highland Primary Enterprising Maths Challenge 2018

Thank you to all the 22 schools who took part in the Highland Primary Enterprising Maths Challenge 2018!

It was a fantastic day of problem solving, teamwork and challenge and we loved having the chance to spend the day  with so many pupils and staff who are enthusiastic, committed and persistent. A huge thank you to all the adults for their support with marking and organisation, and also to Craig Lowther from UHI and Helen Martin from Aberdeen University for all their hard work in making the day such a success.

A chance to see the fantastic posters produced for the Poster Challenge – The Mathematics of Bicycles:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a few pictures from some of the challenges throughout the day:

Special congratulations to the winners Balloch Primary,  runners-up Inshes Primary and Poster Challenge winners Plockton Primary:


Well done to everyone – a fantastic day of maths fun!

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Deputy First Minister’s Easter Holiday Maths Challenge


The Deputy First Minister’s Easter Holiday Maths Challenge has been designed in partnership with the Scottish Mathematical Council and is aimed at Primary 6 pupils for the Easter Holidays.

“It’s very much hoped that this will be a fun activity to promote maths outwith the classroom and ideally something that families can do together over the Easter holidays.  The initiative is a feature of the Making Maths Count approach to making Scotland a maths-positive nation, and of the Scottish Government’s commitment to promoting parental engagement in learning.”

Follow these links for more information:

Easter Maths Challenge


Packs of the resources will be issued to schools for Primary 6 pupils this week. A few additional have been included and they hope that teachers might identify p5 and/or p7 families who would also engage with it.

Workings and solutions will be available here – – from Wednesday 4 April 2018.

The Scottish Government are encouraging schools and families to tweet images of the activity with the hashtag #eastermaths and based on this plan to choose a school that will help them to design the Summer Holiday Maths Challenge. It would be very exciting if this was a Highland school!


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Maths is everywhere!

Hopefully Spring is on its way soon and taking maths outside is a great way to reinforce that maths is everywhere, not just in school!

I love this article from Maths Australia – follow this link for some fun ideas for maths learning outdoors:

Maths Australia – Outdoors Maths Fun :

Maths Australia

I especially like the ideas for multiplication Hopscotch or blowing bubbles to learn about spheres:

Please do comment or share any ideas you have for showing how maths is part of our daily lives!

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Fractions at Daviot Primary

Have a look at Daviot Primary’s blog to see fantastic work with fractions!

Fraction Eels – Daviot Primary

I love these photos, which show how effective concrete materials can be in developing conceptual understanding of fractions, promoting exploration and dialogue and building knowledge of fractional language.

These resources are taken from Fraction Bits and Parts, which can be found here:

Fraction Bits and Parts

Look on the NZ Maths page for more of these learning resources on fractions; they are all based on the work of Richard Skemp and are accessed from NZ Maths – Numeracy Projects.


Thank you so much for sharing Arlene – it’s great to see these in practice!


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