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Follow this link for a useful resource guide for teaching numeracy to children who are at Early to Second levels:

Numeracy Resources for Early to Second levels

This resource guide shows materials that can be purchased and also useful printable resources which can be used to support and extend learning for all children at these levels. It is designed to be a guide for practitioners across early, primary and secondary sectors in choosing resources to support and extend learning for children at these levels. You will find lots of these resources referenced in the Highland Numeracy Progression.

If you would like any more information on these resources, and how they can be used effectively please email me on It would also be great if you could let me know of any other resources you have found particularly effective!

A useful online guide to all numeracy-related resources from Education Scotland:

Resource Guide August 2017

Online resources:

Which one doesn’t belong?

Dreambox Learning


The Mathematics Shed

Estimation 180

Maths Starters

BBC Sport Supermovers


Some useful printable resources to develop skills in subitising and knowledge of patterns within five and ten:

Blank fives frame

Fives Frames Coloured Pairs to 5

Fives Frames Small with dots B+W

Five wise tens frames

Snap – Five Wise

Pairwise tens frames

Snap – Pair Wise


Some useful tens frame resources for developing knowledge of grouping and patterns within number, as well as using for materials within strategy work:

Single tens frame blank

Tens Frame Mat double

Themed tens frames

A range of free apps for use with iPads – thank you to Lucy Hammond for this document:

iPad Apps Final (2)

number rack app

This is a great link for printables – I like the stick bundles and finger patterns! Thanks to Clarissa from Gairloch for this link.


Thank you to Wendy Mackay at Bishop Eden school for this example of a HOTS Task Mat for numeracy! This is also available on the Glow maths and numeracy site.

2-03a HOTS task mat

Great for developing spatial patterns:

Snap – Five Wise largedominoes Snap – Pair Wise

Some fantastic resources from Hillhead Primary – thank you Carole!

Card Addition with empty number line

Card Addition with rekenreks

Counting back with dice

Counting on and back with dice

Counting on with dice

Adding and subtracting multiples of 10 – Copy

Decimat resources:

Decimal mat resources


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