Highland Numeracy Teaching Model


The Teaching Model we recommend for all learning and teaching in numeracy is to always first use concrete materials to represent a problem or concept visually, then screen in some way to develop a mental image, and only then move on to abstract numbers.

In this way children are actively making sense of their learning and developing a strong conceptual understanding rather than following rules or processes. Have a look at Page 3 of the Highland Numeracy Progression for more information.

Here are some fantastic examples of this being used to develop understanding of fractions from Drakies Primary:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also love these video clips from NZ Maths, Maths Recovery and Singapore Maths showing the importance of concrete materials to building conceptual understanding, and modelling how they can be used:

Teaching Model 2Teaching Model

If you find these useful, please comment or email – and it would be fantastic to see examples of how you have used the Teaching Model in your setting!

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